Near East Consulting: About Near East Consulting


Near East Consulting is composed of a team of researchers who are leaders in survey research and data analysis. Their experience covered a wide array of consultancies ranging from public opinion polling, media research, democracy and democratization, food security, health and education, women and children, socio-economic development, poverty and the labor market, peace and conflict resolution, arms control and disarmament, electoral processes, Palestinian refugees, demography, legal and judicial systems, impact of aid and assistance.

The team was involved in consultancies for various local and international bodies, including UNDP, WFP, UNRWA, UNICEF, ILO, the World Bank, WHO, OXFAM, Royal Institute for International Affairs, the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, JMCC, Arab Thought Forum, Panorama, the Nablus Center, Center for Development Studies at Birzeit University.